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Amazon (AWS) Cloud Hosting Service

What is cloud hosting ?

Cloud hosting is a technology using which the server infrastructure (hardware like cpu, ram, storage and network connectivity) is available as a service. To explain in a simple manner, a specialized software is installed on multiple servers / computers which forms a middle layer and allows the creation of multiple small virtual servers (virtual cpus, virtual ram, virtual hard drive space and virtual network connectivities) using the combined processing power of the multiple servers. Each virtual server will function like an independent server and can be accessed directly by the server owner only, thus ensuring data security.

Since the compute power (cpu and memory) resource utilization and the data storage is spread among multiple servers a server level redundancy is created. To increase the above resource utlization more servers can be added. Cloud servers allow the user to fully customize the computing power, storage, backups, disaster recovery setup and data-transfer requirements, so as to have the best possible setup at the minimal cost.

Our approach

We offer a fully managed service which includes the following

  • Coordinate with the client's internal teams, discuss and finalize the details of the client's resource requirements.
  • Finalize the computer power, storage, backup and disaster recovery system required.
  • Conduct a test launch which includes load test of the Application.
  • Go into production mode and launch the appplication in the live environment.
  • Provide systematic managed service which includes server management, monitoring application performance and providing server performance reports.

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